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Call for Podcast Volunteers

Tell us Your Planning Story!

Get Featured on one of OPPI's Podcasts.

Podcasts are an accessible and digital audio medium that have never been more popular. In light of their current popularity, OPPI is using this tool as one of many methods to implement the Institute's Learning Strategy.

Four podcast episodes will launch in 2015 in partnership with Cities Alive and they will employ storytelling to explore the four subjects from Phase 2 of the Learning Strategy. OPPI is currently looking for volunteers who are willing to share their stories from a past planning project relating to either trends in zoning or political administrative interface.


OPPI is looking for stories related to any of the following:

Trends in Zoning

  • Best new zoning bylaws of 2015
  • Form based zoning regulations and development permit systems
  • Zoning for green neighbourhoods
  • Zoning for intensification areas
  • The ins and outs of bonus zoning

Political Administrative Interface

  • Council staff relations
  • Interdepartmental relations
  • The basics of local governance
  • Consensus building

How do I apply?

Volunteers interested in being interviewed must be Full Members of OPPI. To be considered, please contact OPPI's Education Manager, Ryan Des Roches. Volunteers may be able to claim their volunteer time as organized & structured learning units under the Continuous Professional Learning (CPL) program.