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Policies and Guidelines for Sponsorship and Logo

Sponsorship of OPPI Projects/Events

  • For OPPI initiated projects/ events, OPPI will attempt to offer sponsorship opportunities equally to prospective sponsors.
  • OPPI will not guarantee exclusive privileges to sponsor specific projects/ events.
  • Association with OPPI as a sponsor does not represent endorsement of the product or service.
  • Corporations invited to participate in OPPI's sponsorship program are recognized as being responsible in promoting their products or services with no false or exaggerated claims and shall be in keeping with the Institute's Professional Code of Conduct. These products or services must not be in conflict with the purpose and goals of the Institute. The OPPI will not monitor the activities of a sponsor, but will examine concerns raised by the membership and take appropriate action.
  • The OPPI logo cannot be used in association with any product or service promoted by a sponsor, but a current affiliation may be referenced (e.g. winner of OPPI award). 

Process- Guidelines for obtaining Sponsorship of OPPI event

Administrative support
The OPPI office maintains a current list of potential and previous sponsors. This list should be referred to when developing and identifying potential sponsors. 

Determine events appropriate for sponsorship
Identify the event or educational program to be sponsored. Professional and ethical judgment are required when determining which events or educational sessions to sponsor. Some events or education sessions may be highly controversial or sensitive in nature and therefore, it may be in the best interests of the Institute not to obtain sponsorship. Council should be made aware of any controversial issues associated with potential or confirmed sponsorship.

Develop a letter/ package to promote sponsorship opportunities
Prepare a promotional letter/package that identifies the event or education session(s) available for sponsorship (sample leters/packages provided by OPPI office).

Develop the sponsors list and solicit sponsors
Identify and mail promotional letter/ package to potential and past sponsors. Follow-up by phone, with potential and past sponsors at regular intervals prior to the event, to obtain sponsorship. 

Acknowledging sponsors and building relations with sponsors for the future
Acknowledge and thank sponsors of the event through printed material, verbal acknowledgement at the event, and follow-up thank you letters. 

Use of OPPI Logo


Use of the OPPI logo is encouraged to increase overall visibility of the Institute. The logo can be used for partnership projects/events formally endorsed by OPPI Council or the District Leadership Team.
  • The logo cannot be used by members of the Institute for personal/ individual business cards, or letterhead, or promotional material distributed by the member.

Prepared by OPPI Public Presence Committee March 2000
Approved by OPPI Council March 2000