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Scholarship Application

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4. Do you self-identify as a Black, Indigenous or other racialized person?:

Please note that this question is voluntary. Data collected will help OPPI better determine how to support student members in the future. Your data and personal information will not be shared with external bodies. Notwithstanding the above, data collected from this question will be used to ensure the OPPI’s Opportunity Scholarship is awarded exclusively to Black, Indigenous, and other racialized applicants.
5. Have you applied for an OPPI scholarship in the past?:

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6. What Scholarship are you applying for? *:

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* I certify (by checking the box to the left) that the information I have provided and the documents I have attached are accurate, and that if I am chosen as the recipient of a scholarship I will be required to provide signed originals and a certified academic transcript and confirmation in writing from my planning school that I remain enrolled in an appropriate accredited planning program for the academic year.
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