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2017 Annual Report

A Significant Year

Significant. That's the word I have chosen to describe my second year as OPPI President. Together, we've dealt with significant:

  • Updates to planning legislation
  • Inspiration through the execution of our new strategic plan, INSPIRE OPPI
  • Anticipation of new professional regulation

Significant effort has gone into everything we've touched. Hundreds of volunteer and staff hours turn ordinary tasks into extraordinary achievements and make OPPI the envy of associations across the country. Whether it is policy submissions, stakeholder engagement, delivering CPL, reaching out to students or responding to member enquiries, we do a lot. Combined, this effort builds awareness and value for the work that professional planners do.

The membership has taken significant ownership of the path forward at a time of profound change. Traditionally, members have owned District events and specific groups have contributed committees or events. Now, there is ownership for our personal learning strategies, for engaging in new ways to build the RPP brand and exchange knowledge (Twitter Chats and webinars), offer feedback (INSPIRE surveys), and for governing the business of the Institute (new faces on Council). Our members are putting INSPIRE OPPI into action, and making great strides in shaping our direction and initiatives. We are OPPI – this has never been more true.

Perhaps the most remarkable sense of ownership came this past spring when OPPI members contacted all local MPP's to ensure they were fully briefed on the proposed RPP Act (Bill 122 – Registered Professional Planners Act, 2017) before it was introduced for 2nd Reading on May 11th. This was an unprecedented action and the response from MPP's was tangible. Thank you for this incredible commitment to RPP and to safeguarding the profession.

There has also been a significant disappointment in the months since 2nd Reading. I have not been in a position to celebrate with you a milestone that truly acknowledges that "great plans need great planners." I am confident that this government will acknowledge the value of what we do and the proposed RPP Act will pass with all party support in the near future.

It has been an incredible honour to serve as President. While it is a significant amount of work, I wouldn't change the people, the stories, the effort, the laughter and even the frustration, for anything. Significant accomplishments must be celebrated and significant future opportunities must be acted upon. There is much at stake as urban and rural communities in Ontario are faced with significant transformative changes. I will witness the next chapter from a less prominent vantage point but the pride I have for who we are as professional planners and all that OPPI embodies will always be significant.

Andrea Bourrie, RPP
Ontario Professional Planners Institute

Professional - Accountable - Future-driven - Collaborative - Progressive

Andrea Bourrie