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2019 Annual Report

25-Year Members

Thank you to our 25-year members who have worked as dedicated community builders, specifically educated, trained and ethically committed to guiding elected officials, decision makers, the general public and stakeholders in all sectors along the better-informed path to informing choices and inspiring communities in the public interest.

25 year full members posing at Conference

Name Membership Category
Blair L. Allen, RPP Full
Stephen G. Armstrong, RPP Full
Andrea E. Bourrie, RPP Full
Anthony P. Brenders Non-Practicing
Donna A. Brunton, RPP Full
Sandra M. Candow, RPP Full
Michael M. Coakley, RPP Full
Lanny S. Dennis, RPP Full
Sharon L. Dionne, RPP Full
Stephen Evans, RPP Full
Eros G. Fiacconi, RPP Full
John M. Fleming, RPP Full
Ronald P. Glenn, RPP Full
Mary E. Gracie, RPP Full
Gary A. Gregoris, RPP Full
Douglas Herron, RPP Full
Donald K. Herweyer, RPP Full
Steven J. Jefferson, RPP Full
Mary Kopaskie-Brown, RPP Full (Out of Province)
Mitchell E. Kosny, RPP Full
Nina C. Maher, RPP Full
Susan McGregor, RPP Full
Suzanne M. McInnes, RPP Full
Steve Mennill, RPP Full
Gary Muller, RPP Full
Colleen A. Sauriol, RPP Full
Robert P. Stovel, RPP Full
Ferdi Toniolo, RPP Full
Scott B. Tousaw, RPP Full
Diana O. Vangelisti, RPP (Ret.) Retired