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2019 Annual Report

Financial Summary

Our auditors, Kriens~LaRose LLP, Chartered Accountants, have concluded our annual audit in accordance with Canada generally accepted auditing standards. An audited consolidated financial statement and two graphic representations of revenues and expenses follow. OPPI Council approved the Audited Financial Statements ending December 31, 2018, at its March 2019 Council meeting. 

The 2018 Business Plan was prepared and approved by OPPI Council. This year ending December 31, 2018, reflects an excess of revenues over expenses in the amount of $521,664. 

Click here to read the full 2018 Financial Results Summary – Revenue & Expenses


Membership Fee $1,682,145
Conference $283,750
Journal & Mailings $307,055
Professional Development $63,525
Other $273,996
Total Revenue $2,610,471


Administration/Office $759,537
Conference & Planning Knowledge Exchange $314,811
Strategy Groups & District Leadership Teams $400,796
Communications, Marketing & Recognition $310,316
Governance, Executive & Nominating $177,904
Discipline, Professional Standards & Government Relations $107,943
Other $17,500
Total Expense $2,088,807

The purpose of the annual Business Plan is to direct implementation of OPPI’s Strategic Plan. It is guided by the Institute’s Financial Strategy to achieve fiscal stability over the short and long terms. Click here to read the full 2018 Business Plan.