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Blue Mountain

Conference 2017

Doing it In-House: How to Use Projects to Foster Team-Building, Succession Planning and Knowledge Transfer in Planning Departments

October 04, 2017

11:00am - 12:00pm

In 2016 the City of London completed The London Plan — the conclusion of a multi-year process that has been called the largest public engagement program around an official plan in Canada. Created in-house with only a little consultant assistance, the process stretched the city's planning resources to the max. But problem-solving, collaboration and innovation soared. Presenters will highlight the ReThink London process as a case study for how municipalities can strategically undertake planning projects in-house to achieve many benefits. A role playing exercise will help demonstrate how working in silos and mixing-it-up can lead to very different outcomes.
Learning Objectives:
  • Understanding how to foster a strong team that is passionate about its project and how being open to new ideas and sharing perspectives can bring staff at all levels together.
  • Understanding how to use a multi-generational team to bring together new perspectives and ideas, different approaches, and various leadership styles and team dynamics to develop an innovative project. 
  • Understanding how a project can support knowledge transfer, continuity and a shared vision, and contribute to succession planning.