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Blue Mountain

Conference 2017

Europe is Ditching Green Roof Policy. Why Aren't We?

October 04, 2017


Student Ignite

Continental Europe has been experimenting with publicly-subsidized green roof initiatives for the better part of the last two decades, and many cities and countries are beginning to claw back the funding they have available for these projects – why? During a recent research trip to learn more about European countries’ best practices for green roof incentive programs, I found that the most frequent response I got was to not bother at all.  This session will explore why that was, the social factors and consequences that are leading European planners to these beliefs, and how we should focus our own green roof policies to ensure we’re providing the maximum benefit to everyone and everything impacted by the developments they come with.
Learning Objectives:
·       cognisance and awareness about the unintentional, but frequently serious and negative consequences that our move towards adopting green roof and other green policies can have. 
·       familiar with several case studies from the presenter’s experiences in Europe with green roof policy, and will begin to see correlations between those policies and the ones we are beginning to implement here in Canada.
·       begin rethinking the societal effects of how they may choose to implement green roof and other green policies in their municipalities or practices in the future.