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Blue Mountain

Conference 2017

Generational Influence on Internal Change and Service Delivery

October 04, 2017


This session will be led by three generations of planners from FOTENN Consultants, a 25-year-old urban planning, design and landscape architecture firm of about 35 professionals. The firm is currently transitioning from the founding two-person ownership to an employee-shareholders model. Participants will learn about generational dynamics, change management and succession planning from two points of view: internally—employers and employees of a planning firm—and externally—service delivery. The discussion will focus on workplace expectations in light of changing leadership and the impact this has had on our practice. Topics will include the roles of each generation in the evolution of technology, transfer of institutional knowledge, and civic engagement. 
Learning Objectives:
• Gaining knowledge about managing and team building with a multigenerational workforce.
• Understanding how to build leadership capacity.
• Understanding how to communicate change.