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Blue Mountain

Conference 2017

Get Into Our Dreams; Get Out of Your Car

October 04, 2017


Join the City of Mississauga’s transportation planning team in exploring ways to transform streets built for cars in younger cities and towns. These distinct urban landscapes offer unique opportunities and challenges that have not been met in older or denser places. What will it look and feel like as Ontario’s young cities and neighbourhoods mature in the multi-modal world we now live in? Participants are encouraged to bring pictures or examples of adaptive reuse of wide, fast and/or homogenous roads and rights-of-way. 
Learning Objectives:
  • Understanding the six core tenants of infrastructure resilience in the transportation realm—multi-functionality, redundancy, diversity, connectivity, and adaptive design.
  • Gaining knowledge about best practices for enhancing capacity of roads and rights-of-ways in car-oriented streets and roads.