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Blue Mountain

Conference 2017

Places to Grow Implementation Fund 2016/17: Highlighted Projects

October 04, 2017


This session will showcase three projects funded by the 2016/17 Places to Grow Implementation Fund to support local communities and municipal staff in implementing Ontario’s Growth Plans. Join us for three short presentations by 2016 funding recipients followed by a panel discussion that will focus on strategies for engaging and communicating with non-planners.

The three featured projects and funding recipients will be:

Visualizing Density by the Canadian Urban Institute
The project Visualizing density highlights what different densities look like in existing neighbourhoods. Images of neighbourhoods at different scales have been made available at This pilot project is intended to help planners, designers, elected officials, residents’ groups, and private sector builders design more complete communities and adapt existing ones over time.
Growing in the Greater Golden Horseshoe by Ecospark
The project Growing in the Greater Golden Horseshoe, by EcoSpark, with support from the Neptis Foundation, helps to increase awareness and understanding of growth planning among teachers and students in the Greater Golden Horseshoe. Through the project, EcoSpark has developed a new curriculum-linked Teacher’s Guide and Lesson Plans to help educators teach concepts such as sustainable growth and climate change mitigation in the Greater Golden Horseshoe. Resources are available in both French and English and approximately 3,000 elementary and high schools (every school within the Greater Golden Horseshoe) have received access to these resources. By promoting and supporting the concepts of complete communities in formal education, young people will become informed, engaged, and active in how our communities mature and grow now and into the future.
On the Path to Net-Zero Communities by the Ontario Climate Consortium
The project On the Path to Net Zero Carbon: Integrating Land Use and Energy Planning in Ontario Municipalities The project On the Path to Net Zero Communities: integrating land use and energy planning in Ontario municipalities facilitated knowledge sharing across the province about lessons learned, innovative approaches, and best practices of municipal innovators. The project focuses on Ontario municipalities that are succeeding in integrating growth planning strategies with their climate mitigation and energy management policies to build low-carbon and net-zero communities.
Learning Objectives:
-  Gaining knowledge about innovative ways to promote public education about Ontario land use planning policies and initiatives, specifically about ways to engage youth, professional organizations and communicate with non-planners.
-  Gaining knowledge about new tools and research in support of Ontario’s Growth Plan.