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Blue Mountain

Conference 2017

Andrea Sinclair, RPP, MCIP, MUDS, BES


Associate, MHBC

Andrea L. Sinclair,  MUDS, BES, MCIP, RPP is an Associate at MHBC.  Ms.  Sinclair started her planning career in February 2006 after graduating from the University of Toronto with a Masters of Urban Design Studies and the University of Waterloo with a Bachelor’s Degree (Honours) in Planning. Ms. Sinclair provides planning consulting services to municipalities and private sector clients. She oversees the preparation of design concepts for residential, commercial, and mixed use developments and has prepared multiple design briefs and design guideline documents in support of various developments throughout Ontario.   Ms. Sinclair has been qualified as an Urban Design Expert by the Ontario Municipal Board.    Prior to joining OPPI’s Community Working Group, Ms. Sinclair was the Chair of OPPI’s Southwest District Program Committee.  Ms. Sinclair is a Full Member of the Canadian Institute of Planners and Ontario Professional Planners Institute.