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Blue Mountain

Conference 2017

Brent Clarkson, MA, MCIP, RPP (Ret.)


Partner, MHBC

Brent Clarkson has been a practicing planner since 1980.  Mr. Clarkson’s experience includes the public and private sectors, having worked previously with the Counties of Wellington and Oxford, and the City of Kitchener.   Formerly the President of MHBC, he is currently Chairman of the Board of MHBC.
Mr. Clarkson provides planning and resource management services to both public and private sector clients throughout central and Southern Ontario. He has experience in land development and approvals for residential, commercial and industrial projects, site and neighbourhood planning, aggregate planning, and comprehensive project management.
Mr. Clarkson has extensive experience in planning for commercial developments of all scales and formats. He has provided planning and project management services for developments ranging in size from small plazas or stand-alone retail operations, to regional Shopping Centres and new format power centres. Mr. Clarkson is also experienced in the preparation of municipal commercial needs analysis / commercial policy review and as a peer review consultant.