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Conference 2017


Former Ontario Premier and Former Leader of the Liberal Party of Canada

Bob Rae is currently working as a lawyer, negotiator, mediator, and arbitrator, with a particular focus on first nations, aboriginal, and governance issues. He also teaches at the University of Toronto School of Governance and Public Policy, and is a widely respected writer and commentator.

Throughout his career, Bob has been strongly committed to advancing Aboriginal rights and the critically important goal of reconciliation between Aboriginal people and all Canadians. Bob participated in the negotiations which resulted in the inclusion of Aboriginal rights in Section 35 of Canada’s constitution in 1982, and also represented Ontario in the negotiations for the Charlottetown Accord. 

While Premier of Ontario he developed the “Statement of Relationship” which set the framework for a new political relationship based on mutual respect and consultation between First Nations and the province. He also served as a mediator during the Burnt Church fishing dispute in New Brunswick.

Bob has written five books including What’s Happened to Politics, a candid look at the problems plaguing national politics. Bob has appeared on numerous media outlets including CBC, CTV, Global TV, and TVO. He is a regular columnist for the Globe and Mail.