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toronto | october 1–3

Facing change and guiding Ontario into the next quarter century

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TECH500: Beyond Boards – Crash Testing Visualization Tools for Planners

October 02, 2019

8:15AM - 4:45PM

Planners have lots of experience presenting to public audiences and Toronto's City Planning Graphics and Visualization team has designed hundreds of display boards and PowerPoint slide decks. The marketplace/open house format has emerged as a very popular way to share information with residents. Reaching a wider audience means advancing online consultation and enhancing face-to-face engagement. This needs to occur in tandem with traditional methods while meeting regulatory expectations. The Graphics and Visualization unit is taking up the challenge to use technology in a meaningful way that leaves no one behind. This means accessibility by design, savvy use of social media, testing new tools, customizing applications, streamlining processes, committing to open data and strengthening new and existing partnerships. In this session, participants will gain greater awareness of products, processes and tools for planning visual communication, learn real world examples and learn how to build partnerships and promote collaborative products.