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toronto | october 1–3

Facing change and guiding Ontario into the next quarter century

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Carolyn Humphreys, Dulini Ratnayake, Harrison Thomas, James Young, Kevin Parson, Toni Papa,Valen Lau

Urban Design

Carolyn Humphreys, Program Manager Graphics and Visualization, Urban Design, City Planning Toronto
 Carolyn’s planning, geographic, cartographic, design and communication education includes studies at Ontario College of Art and Design University, Ryerson University, York University, Queen’s University and Seneca College. She has never completed an academic programs but citizens, politicians, teachers, clients and colleagues all sing praise. The unit is blessed and cursed with ample amounts of data, a variety of resources, references, and a tool box of technology, countless requests, projects and pressures but most importantly amazing STAFF. Carolyn's mission is to create clear compelling visuals that engage the public that facilitate dialogue with community and stakeholders for better decision making.

Dulini Ratnayake, Supervisor North York District, Graphics and Visualization, Urban Design, City Planning Toronto
Dulini has over 15 years of working experience in Canada and abroad with a background in Architecture, Urban Planning and GIS with a speciality in 3D procedural modeling. Her credentials include a Bachelor of Science degree in Architecture, Master’s Degree in Urban Planning and an Applied Digital Geography & GIS Certificate from Ryerson University. She developed a passion for GIS in 2006 via Fanshawe College's GIS & Urban Planning Technology program. Dulini is a self-proclaimed City Building Geogeek and is keen to visualize complicated urban relationships spatially. Dulini previously worked at the City of Mississauga where she established the vision for 3D Visualization and delivered products and services such as 3D Massing Model, 3D Visualization Focus Groups to interactive with 3D Model users and collaborative modelling services for Planner and Urban Designers
Valen Lau, Senior Design Technologist North York District, Graphics and Visualization, Urban Design, City Planning Toronto
Valen began his career in Alberta, Fort McMurray with the Applanix Corporation, working closely with Pictometry and the Municipality of Wood Buffalo to capture indoor public facility spatial data. Since 2015, Valen has provided high level GIS technical support across the Graphics and Visualization team. As a firm believer in the power of open data, he has taken the lead for the division's 3D Massing open data work program and is focussing on creating opportunities for citizen engagement that enhances transparency and accountability to the public. Valen completed the Sir Sanford Fleming's Geomatics Technician program before going on to graduate with a Bachelor of Science in Geography from Trent University. Valen also holds a post-graduate certificate as a GIS Application Specialist from Sir Sanford Fleming.
Kevin Parson, Senior Design Technologist Scarborough District, Graphics and Visualization, Urban Design, City Planning Toronto
Kevin brings in a broad range of experience working with data and mapping. He has delivered projects such as: City-Wide Zoning By-Law 569-2013, Urban Design Streetscape Manual, Kingston Road Revitalization – Birchcliff Community, Midland/St. Clair Community Plan and the development of GIS processes/templates for Graphics and Visualization. Kevin had also worked for the City of Pickering where he transitioned maps to digital products, produced E911 mapping and Community Improvement Plans graphics at Totten Sims Hubicki Ltd., mapping and technical drawing support at Signalcom Canada (Union Switch and Signal) for Canadian Pacific Railway Rogers Pass Upgrade Project and was a mainframe computer Operator at Digitech Systems Ltd. (Beaver Geophysical) Calgary, Alberta.
Harrison Thomas, Design Technologist Etobicoke York District, Graphics and Visualization, Urban Design, City Planning Toronto
Harrison graduated from the University of Waterloo from the Geography and Environment Management program with a specialization in Geomatics. He also completed a graduate certificate in the GIS Applications Specialist program at Sir Sandford Fleming College. Harrison's collaborative project used Google mapping tools to build an app for watershed management data. Most recently, Harrison worked in the Parks, Forestry and Recreation Division, on the Discovery Walks phase two update, a series of self-guided walks. He is keen to use that experience to innovate our City Planning tours with web tools and foundation data. 
Toni Papa, Design Technologist Toronto East York District, Graphics and Visualization, Urban Design, City Planning Toronto
Toni holds a Bachelor of Arts degree from the University of Toronto where she specialized in Geography and Minored in Geographic Information Systems. Her studies included both urban planning and geomorphology, and she continues her planning education through working in City Planning. Prior to joining the team, Toni worked at Service Ontario and at the Shore and Moffat Library in the Faculty of Architecture and Design at the University of Toronto.
James Young, Design Technologist Toronto East York District, Graphics and Visualization, Urban Design, City Planning Toronto
James is a graduate of the GIS and Urban Planning program at Fanshawe College. He also studied Interdisciplinary Design Strategy at the Institute without Boundaries where he focused on designing for and within divided places. In addition to studio projects, James participated and facilitated design charrettes with international partners in Chicago and Metro Detroit. Most recently, James offered project and design support to various non-profit and charitable organizations in Canada and abroad. This included work with pioneers of civic engagement, stewards of the environment, and champions of women’s empowerment.