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Symposium 2014

505: Beyond the Usual Suspects: Lessons in Digital Engagement from 6 Planning Projects

October 02, 2014

10:00am – 11:00am

This fast-paced session will draw out lessons learned in online public participation in an exciting ride through 6 recent case studies. Let’s face it – there’s good reason to be cautious. When contentious planning issues are being discussed, agencies need to be careful to avoid fueling the fire with online engagement. City and regional government agencies of all sizes are gaining valuable experience with online public participation for their planning projects. These 6 case studies have demonstrated that digital technologies can provide a positive and constructive way to extend the public participation beyond those (often angry) usual suspects. Learn about the role of online engagement in:
•         Toronto Feeling Congested Transportation Plan
•         York Region Transportation Master Plan
•         Metrolinx Investment Strategy
•         Town of Whitby Brooklin Area Study
•         Ottawa Bike & Pedestrian Plan, and
•         Brampton Transportation Master Plan