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Community Readiness

Symposium 2018

205E: Democratizing Section 37

October 11, 2018

1:15pm - 1:30pm

Section 37 benefits provide a valuable in-kind or monetary contribution from developers to communities facing the pressure of intensification. Nonetheless, the negotiations that guide the allocation of Section 37 benefits often lack transparency and are inaccessible to community members and organizations that may have valuable insight into maximizing the impact of these funds. In this session, we will discuss some of the challenges councillors, developers and community groups face when determining or influencing the allocation of Section 37 benefits. The session will begin with a powerpoint presentation outlining research findings from interviews with local Toronto stakeholders, as well as strategies to leverage community interests when negotiating Section 37 benefits. This will be followed by a semi-structured discussion on possible approaches for democratizing the allocation of Section 37 funds, in order to effectively respond to community needs in areas undergoing intensification.