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Community Readiness

Symposium 2018

205F: Transnational Planning in the Multicultural City: An Analysis of Diversity Beyond Ethnoculturalism

October 11, 2018

1:30pm - 1:45pm

Multiculturalism has failed to address widening levels of inequity and inequality, most notably in the city of Toronto. Multiculturalism has also insufficiently enabled a broader public participation with diverse migrants. This presentation invites planners to look at migrant diversity beyond ethnoculturalism by considering a transnational framework to look at public engagement through multicultural urban planning and question its focus on ethnoculturalism. The presentation discusses how people’s experiences with trauma, violence, gender marginalization, or undemocratic institutions among others are not always considered in both multiculturalism and urban planning – thus affecting the public participation process. Discussion and questions will follow the presentation.