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Community Readiness

Symposium 2018

502: Community Wellbeing – a framework for planning and design

October 12, 2018

11:00am - 12:00pm

For many years OPPI has ignited a conversation that links how we plan and design cities/buildings and the wellbeing of communities. To aid in that conversation, DIALOG and the Conference Board of Canada are developing a tailored methodology and corresponding set of indicators to host conversations with communities about social, economic, environmental, cultural, and political determinants of wellbeing, guide community leaders, urban planners, architects, engineers, and design professionals, with evidence-based knowledge, and inform the creation, implementation, monitoring, and evolution of policies, plans, and designs that promote wellbeing. The session will provide an overview of the methodology, exemplified by case studies and pilot projects.
Learning Objectives:

  • Gain knowledge of the indicators of community wellbeing, and the corresponding metrics that can be used to guide decision-making
  • Gain knowledge of specific tools and methodologies that can be used to build community capacity to achieve community wellbeing
  • Gain knowledge about the ways different communities have applied a Community Wellbeing Framework