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Community Readiness

Symposium 2018

Michelle German


Senior Manager, Policy and Partnerships, Evergreen

Michelle German is Evergreen’s Senior Manager, Policy and partnerships. Michelle manages  Evergreen’s action labs, blending together research and action to advance solutions. Her work is focused on building partnerships with people from a variety of backgrounds to identify shared challenges. She works together with partners to break down barriers between fields and create novel solutions. Some of Michelle’s key projects include the Housing Action Lab, Tower Renewal and Future Cities. Previously, I have worked in federal and municipal politics as well as government and non-profit research.
Through the Housing Action Lab, Michelle coordinates the Missing Middle Working Group, co-chaired by Toronto’s Deputy Mayor Ana Bailao and Canadian Urban Institute’s Director, Jeff Evenson. Together they formed  The Missing Middle Working Group to create a community of thought and practice that can advance the actions, program solutions, policy and research, that connects policymakers and practitioners interested in advancing a healthier housing system related to missing middle housing. Currently the working group is focused on advancing action in partnership with the City of Toronto.