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Danielle Desjarlais and Kateri Lucier-Laboucan, Indigenous Design Studio at Brook McIlroy Inc.

Indigenous Planning Perspectives Task Force Report


OPPI would like to thank the following for contributing to the development of this report:

Indigenous Planning Perspectives Task Force

  • Jesse Ajayi, RPP, MCIP, Partner, Northern Futures Planning
  • Calvin Brook, RPP, MCIP, AICP, FRAIC, Principal, Brook McIlroy, Architecture/Landscape Architecture/Planning/Urban Design
  • Stephanie Burnham, MSc, RPD student, University of Guelph
  • Kerry-Ann Charles, Coordinator, Lands and Climate Change, Cambium Indigenous Professional Services
  • Tracey Ehl, RPP, Principal, Ehl Harrison Consulting Inc.
  • Nicole Goodbrand, PhD student, Queen’s University
  • Daniel Millette, MA, MASA, PhD, RPA, RPP, MCIP, Adjunct Research Professor, Carlton University
  • Susan Robertson, RPP, Principal Planner, People Plan Community
  • Heather Swan, MPl, RPP, MCIP, PMP, Partner, Dillon Consulting Limited
  • Adam Wright, RPP and Chair, Environmental Planner, Dillon Consulting Limited

Advisory Committee

  • Mitch Avis, RPP, MCIP, Land Use Planning Consultant, Shared Value Solutions Ltd.
  • Justin Gee, RPP, MCIP, Vice President, First Nations Engineering Services Ltd.
  • Sheri Longboat, PhD, Assistant Professor, School of Environmental Design and Rural Development, University of Guelph
  • James Roach, RPP, Land Use Planning Coordinator, NALMA
  • David Stinson, RPP, MCIP, PAg, Partner in an Aboriginal planning firm Incite Planning, Board member of Shared Path Consultation Initiative
  • Leela Viswanathan, RPP, MCIP, PhD, Associate Professor and SURP Director Queen’s University

Others by Survey

  • Claudia Aguirre, PhD student, School of Planning, University of Waterloo
  • Sarah Bale, Planner, Clark Consulting Services
  • Becky Big Canoe, CEO, EnviroNative Training Initiatives, member of Chippewas of Georgina Island
  • Amy Britten, Manager, Western Region (A), Ministry of Economic Development, Job Creation and Trade Business Services
  • Alice Casselman, Founding President, ACER, Association for Canadian Educational Resources
  • Bob Clark, Principal Planner, Clark Consulting Services
  • Barbara Herring, Member Kawartha Truth and Reconciliation Support Group, Member of Unitarian Fellowship of Peterborough Indigenous Allies Working Group
  • Jeff D’Hondt, Consultant, Indigenous Affairs Office, City of Toronto
  • Chantale Gagnon, Regional Advisor, Simcoe County
  • Marjolaine LaPointe, Equity and Inclusive Education Consultant-KPRDSB, Vice-President, Apagidiwag Omamawiininiwag Community Development Circle, Ardoch Algonquin First Nation
  • Nancy Mott, Senior Strategic Advisor, Niagara Escarpment Commission
  • Graeme Sandy, Survey Project Manager, National Aboriginal Lands Managers Association from Six Nations Ontario
  • Susan Lloyd Swail, Senior Manager, Livable Communities, Environmental Defence
  • Anne Taylor, Community Anishinaabemowin Coordinator
  • Robert Waldon, Formerly Bedford Consulting and Associates (Indigenous community engagement and mediation), prior to that, Director, Natural Resources, Environment and Community Relations, Métis Nation of Ontario
  • P. Leigh Whyte, MCIP, RPP, AICP, Manager of Planning, Quartek Group Inc. (consulting firm) but also a member of Red Sky Metis Independent Nation out of Thunder Bay
  • 2 anonymous responses


  • Ian Attridge, Land Conservation Consultant and Lawyer
  • Cathie Brown, Senior Advisor, Association of Municipalities Ontario (AMO)
  • Leslie Munoz, Policy Advisor, Association of Municipalities Ontario (AMO)
  • Luisa Sotomayor, PhD, MCIP, RPP, Assistant Professor, Faculty of Environmental Studies, York University
  • James Wilkes, Professor, Indigenous Environmental Studies and Science, Trent University

Focus Group led by Jesse Ajayi

  • Michelle Armstrong, MA, RPP, MCIP, Northern Futures Planning
  • Caroline Burgess, MA, RPP, MCIP, Odonaterra Inc.
  • Bethany Haalbloom, PhD, Odonaterra Inc.
  • Gayle Kabloona, BA, Northern Futures Planning

Focus Group led by Susan Robertson — ASI

  • Robert MacDonald, PhD, Managing Partner, Chair of ASI Indigenous Relations Working Group
  • David Robertson, MA, Partner, Director of ASI’s Planning Assessment Division
  • Martin Cooper, MA, Senior Associate and Project Manager, ASI lead for projects in Northern Ontario, many requiring Indigenous consultation, and for Traditional Ecological Knowledge (TEK) studies
  • Eric Beales, Associate Archaeologist, Project Manager, ASI lead for broad-based consultation with Indigenous communities in the context of large-scale planning studies
  • Jennifer Newton, Associate Archaeologist, Indigenous Engagement Coordinator

Focus Group — Academic and Policy Perspective

  • Dana Anderson, RPP, MHBC Architecture and Planning
  • Hilary Black, Planner at Ontario Ministry of Municipal Affairs and Housing
  • Stephen Booth, University of Guelph
  • John Fitzgibbon, RPP, Professor in Rural Planning, University of Guelph
  • Adam Lauder, RPP, Executive Officer to CAO, City of Waterloo
  • Michelle Lee, Heritage Planner, City of Waterloo

Focus Group — Working In and With Indigenous Communities

  • Jack Contin, Henvey Inlet First Nation
  • Aaron Genereux, PEng, Tribal Council Engineer at Ogemawahj Tribal Council
  • Bruce Singbush, RPP, Assistant Deputy Minister at Ontario Ministry of Infrastructure
  • Vicky Weekes, RPP, MRM (planning), Natural Resource Management Consultant at Stratos Inc.

OPPI Staff

  • Mary Ann Rangam, Executive Director
  • Ryan Des Roches, Education Manager

Credit for Indigenous Planning Perspectives Cover Artwork:

  • Indigenous Design Studio at Brook McIlroy Inc.
  • Danielle Desjarlais
  • Kateri Lucier-Laboucan

Cover image: Danielle Desjarlais and Kateri Lucier-Laboucan, Indigenous Design Studio at Brook McIlroy Inc.

The graphic is based on the Prophesy of the Seven Fires of the Anishinaabe and the idea that we are currently in the time of the seventh fire, when a choice will be made that will determine the future. This is highly relevant to the issue of planning and climate change. This is why the seventh fire at the top of the graphic is without colour. The outcome is up to us as a collective.