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25-Year Members

Thank you to our 25-year members who have worked as dedicated community builders, specifically educated, trained and ethically committed to guiding elected officials, decision makers, the general public and stakeholders in all sectors along the better-informed path to informing choices and inspiring communities in the public interest.

25 year full members posing at Conference

Name Membership Category
Wendy Tse, RPP Full
Steven Crighton, RPP Full
Vincent Baffa, RPP Non-Practicing Full
Susan Cumming, RPP Full
Tracey Ehl, RPP Full
Kenneth Hetherington, RPP Full
Harold Lenters, RPP Full
Ann Tremblay, RPP Full
Karen Whitney, RPP Full
Randal Dickie, RPP Full
V. Bill Kiru, RPP Full
James Mcintosh, RPP (Ret.) Retired
Ian Sugden, RPP Full
M. Forbes Symon, RPP Full
Robin Walker, RPP Full
Catherine Cieply, RPP Full
A. Richard Gordon, RPP (Ret.) Retired
Augustine Ko, RPP Full
Derek Lancaster, RPP Full 
Don Moxley, RPP (Ret.) Retired
Marco Ramunno, RPP Full
Philip Shantz, RPP Full
Andrew Bryce, RPP Full
James Kennedy, RPP Full
Andria Leigh, RPP Full
Mark Conway, RPP Full
Ian Dobrindt, RPP Full
Sarah Henstock, RPP Full
Gordon Russell, RPP Full
Armando Barbini, RPP Full
Peter Chee, RPP Full
Pierre Filion, RPP (Ret.) Retired
Neil Garbe, RPP Full
Bruce Singbush, RPP Full
Susan Smallwood, RPP (Ret.) Retired
J. Stephen Stone, RPP Full
Cindy Welsh, RPP Full
Paul Bezaire, RPP Full
Valerie Shuttleworth, RPP (Ret.) Retired
Brian Treble, RPP Full
Susan Reimer, RPP Full
Lauree Armstrong, RPP Full
Larry Bourne, RPP (Ret.) Retired
Kathleen Dale, RPP Full
Richard DiFrancesco, RPP Full
J. Craig Hunter, RPP Full
Calvin Pol, RPP Full
Carlos Salazar, RPP Full
Mark Simeoni, RPP  Full
Trevor Hesselink, RPP Full
Robert Long, RPP Full
Wanda Richardson, RPP (Ret.) Retired
Diana Rusnov, RPP Full
Debra Walker, RPP Full
Linda Dickson, RPP (Ret.) Retired
Patrick Donnelly, RPP Full
John Scarfone, RPP Full
Donald Schultz, RPP Full