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2021 Annual General Meeting Minutes

(For approval at the 2022 agm)
Wednesday, October 6, 2021   
12:45 p.M. - 2:15 p.m.
IMPACT AV Platform

1.  Call to Order and Opening Remarks
OPPI President Justine Giancola called the meeting to order at 12:45pm with a quorum of voting members present, including a total of 1 Proxy. Members eligible to vote and the voting procedure were reviewed with members attending the meeting. 
2.  Adoption of Agenda
The meeting notice and agenda were sent to all members in accordance with the OPPI General By-law and it was noted that no substantive motions were received by the Registrar by the deadline of July 15, 2021. As such, the agenda was adopted as circulated.

Moved that the agenda be adopted as presented. Carried.

3.  Approval of AGM Minutes of October 7, 2020
There were no changes or corrections to the minutes, and they were accepted as presented.
4. Treasurer’s Report

4.1 Auditors Report
Claire Basinski presented the Auditor's Report on the financial statement for the fiscal year ending December 31, 2020, providing an overview of revenue and expenses. She noted that the Institute is meeting all its financial targets and goals, in keeping with a high-performance organization. It was noted Claire has a meeting with the OPPI auditor annually to check-in on anything that we should be focusing on as a Council with respect to our financial position.  This year in the Auditor’s report, Thomas noted that “As the net assets have increased and are higher than the Institute’s annual expenses, we recommend that Council review transfers to the restricted funds and review the use of the net assets for future years.” Claire also shared with the membership that Council had approved the shift to a $25 student fee that includes all OPPI events and Conference.
4.2 Appointment of Auditor
Moved that the firm Kriens~ LaRose, Chartered Accountants be appointed as the Auditor to audit OPPI’s financial records for the fiscal year ending 2022. Carried
4.3 Discussion
There were no questions or discussion of the reports.
5. Presidents Report

5.1 Presidents Report  
J. Giancola provided the President’s report beginning with thanks to staff, and Council members as she was impressed by this organizations ability to adapt. While others were paralyzed by the unknown, OPPI council and staff quickly mobilized to implement a Resiliency Plan early last year, which confirmed priorities for a 18 to 24 month period, transition the organization through retirements of the full senior staff team, adopted virtual everything, launched new education platforms (such as Forum Fridays) and earlier this year approved an updated Strategic Plan for the organization, which Paul will highlight shortly.
J. Giancola shared After 27 years in our office space OPPI approached a lease expiry and determined that the current space no longer meets the Institute’s needs. With the conversation around the future of office and a hybrid workforce, Susan and the leadership team undertook significant due diligence and explored many different options before recommending a new space focused on meeting and collaboration. Council has approved up to a maximum of $600K from our Capital Fund to build out a new space at Yonge/Sheppard under a 15-year lease that will support the Institute’s role as a facilitator, regulator, member’s service provider and the voice of the profession.  Staff hope to be ready to welcome you into the new space during the first quarter of 2022.

J. Giancola shared another area that needed extra investment was students, the future of the profession. At the beginning of this year, OPPI Council committed $25,000 to help support planning students secure placements with employers in a partnership with Mitacs, a funding program focused on research-based placements and has been working with the university planning programs to provide support.  To date we have placed 10 students and continue to work closely with the program directors to support their ongoing needs. She also shared the work the IPAC and ABRP TF groups have undertaken and invited ABRP TF Co-Chair and Council Director, Eldon Theodore to say a few words.

J. Giancola concluded her report by thanking members for their support during her time as President.
5.2 Approval of Actions
J. Giancola called for a Motion to approve the actions of Council during the past year.
Moved that the membership of the Institute approve of the actions of Council taken during 2020-2021. Carried.

5.3 Motions submitted by Members
Request for submission of substantive motions for the Annual General Meeting was sent to all members by way of the members e-newsletter in June 2021 and posted on the OPPI website. No motions were received by the Registrar by the deadline of July 15, 2021. Motions concerning substantive issues will therefore not be considered at the AGM.
5.4 Proposed Bylaw Changes
J. Giancola called for a Motion to approve the by-law changes as presented at today’s Annual General Meeting.
Moved to approve the by-law changes as presented at today’s Annual General Meeting. Carried.
5. 5 Other Business
J. Giancola addressed questions from the Membership.

5. 6 Announcement of OPPI 2022-2025 Strategic Plan
P. Lowes, incoming President, presented the 2022-2025 Strategic Plan. He outlined the five strategic directions with a brief explanation of each category. Paul also noted that strategic direction number three, is new. Position OPPI as the voice of the planning profession. Paul noted the want for OPPI to be recognized as the go-to source for perspectives on, and from, the planning profession stakeholders and the media will look to OPPI when they seek input on planning issues. OPPI will be part of the important discussions that affect the future of Ontario communities.

P. Lowes also made mention to A new OPPI value statement: “Embodying diversity of all kinds within the profession and the communities we serve.” OPPI Council has re-confirmed our commitment to the work of the Anti-Black Racism in Planning (ABRP) TF, the work of the Indigenous Planning Advisory Group and diversity, equity, and Inclusion (DEI) as a foundational framework for all Institution work.

P. Lowes finished his report on the new Strategic Plan by saying he looks forward to finally launching our awards program in 2022 with a goal to come together in person next October to celebrate excellence in planning. 
6. Report of the Nominations Committee & Introduction of 2021-2022 Council
J. Giancola thanked the Governance and Nominating Committee, chaired by K. Weste.  She called on B. Hillier to provide a report on the results of the election for the 2021-2022 Council.  B. Hillier acknowledged and thanked all the members of the Governance and Nominating Committee.  She acknowledged and thanked all the members who submitted a nomination and all the candidates who submitted an application for the appointed position of the Public Interest Representative. 
The 2021/2022 Council is as follows:
  • President- Paul Lowes
  • President Elect- Claire Basinski  
  • Secretary/Treasurer- Andria Leigh 
  • Director- Kelly Weste
  • Director- Calvin Brook
  • Director- Pam Duesling
  • Director- Uzo Rossouw
  • Director- Rob Dowler
  • Director, Public Interest Rep- Dan Labrecque

7. Acknowledgements
J. Giancola thanked all OPPI members, Council, volunteers and staff for their work and support throughout the year. She thanked the volunteers who supported OPPI this past year including our District Leaders, our program committee volunteers and those who committed their perspectives to the Indigenous Planning Advisory Committee and the Anti-Black Racism in Planning Task Force.   OPPI would not be the organization it is today without your passion and dedication.

J. Giancola took a few moments to acknowledge the two outgoing Council Members:
  • Eldon Theodore, RPP- Director 2017-2021
  • Curry Clifford – Public Interest Representative 2019-2021
8. Awards and Honors
P. Lowes announced the new category of Honorary Member Awards. Carolyn King and Dr. Theresa Tam received this award for their extraordinary interest in, and concern for, the planning profession.
J. Giancola and P. Lowes Introduced this year’s scholarship award winners.
  • Lindsey Soon - 2021 Gerald Carrothers Graduate Scholarship
P. Lowes and J. Giancola presented the 4 (four) 2021 Member Service Award and a short video followed each. The winners included:
  • Mark Dorfman, RPP
  • Kristy Kilbourne, RPP
  • George McKibbon, RPP
  • And David Stinson, RPP

J. Giancola acknowledged the 46 (forty-six) members who have reached their 25-year membership with OPPI.
J. Giancola announced we have 109 (one hundred-nine) new RPP’s this year. She offered her congratulations and welcomed them to the profession.

9. Adjournment
P. Lowes announced the 2022 Justine Giancola President’s Scholarship that will be awarded to OPPI student member who has demonstrated leadership in the area of racial equality as it relates to planning for communities.
J. Giancola thanked all members for attending the AGM She called for a motion to adjourn the meeting.
The meeting was adjourned at 2:15 p.m.