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toronto | october 1–3

Facing change and guiding Ontario into the next quarter century

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Yasmin Afshar

Planner, Urban Strategies Inc.

Gurraj Ahluwalia

Student- Queen's University

Khaldoon Ahmad, RPP, MCIP

Manager Urban Design and Landscape Architecture Planning and Development Services Department, Niagara Region

Sheikh Alam

Assistant Transportation Planner, City of Toronto

Kevin Alexander RPP, MCIP

Senior Planner, City of Windsor

Swathika Anandan

Urban Designer, City of Toronto

John Andreevski

Manager, Community Planning NorthYork District, East Section, City of Toronto

Matt Armstrong, RPP, MCIP

Planner, City of Toronto

Dave Aston, RPP, MCIP

Partner, Vice President, MHBC

Andrew Au

Senior Transportation Planner, City of Toronto

Denise Baker

Partner, WeirFoulds LLP

Dave Barton

Mayor, Township of Uxbridge

Gregory Bender, RPP, MCIP

Senior Project Manager, WSP Canada

Alex Benzie

Senior Lead, Research and Projects, Quality Urban Energy Systems of Tomorrow (QUEST)

Michelle Bequist, RPP, MCIP

Project Leader, Transportation Planning, City of Mississauga

Jennifer Best, RPP, MCIP

Senior Planner, York Region

Indro Bhattacharyya, RPP, MCIP

Project Manager, Region of Peel

Naama Blonder

Architect and Urban Designer, Smart Density

Bryan Bowen

Project Manager, City of Toronto

Shawna Bowen, RPP, MCIP

Project Manager, Urban Design, City of Toronto

Carly Bowman, RPP, MCIP

Senior Planner, City Planning Division, City of Toronto

Morgan Boyco

Planner and Public Engagement Specialist, Dillon Consulting Limited

Brian Bridgeman, RPP

Commissioner of Planning and Economic Development, Region of Durham

Heather Brooks, RPP, MCIP

Director, Watershed Planning & Natural Heritage, Central Lake Ontario Convervation Authority

Amy Buitenhuis

Senior Policy Consultant, CIty of Toronto

Harry Burchill

Director of Policy and Public Affairs, Canadian Institute of Planners

Emily Caldwell, RPP, MCIP

(Acting) Senior Planner, City of Toronto

Wayne Caldwell, RPP, MCIP

Professor, University of Guelph

Hamish Campbell

Country Manager, Canada, Via On-Demand Transit

Anthony Campese

Data Management Specialist, Halton Region

Edwin Chan

Senior Urban Designer, Dillon Consulting

Kerry-Ann Charles

Cambium Aboriginal Inc.

Deanna Chorney, RPP, MCIP

Project Manager, Strategic Initiatives, Policy & Analysis, City of Toronto

Adam Clark

Urban Designer, City of Kitchener

Emily Clark

Urban Designer, Stantec

Jennifer Clarke

Executive Director, Planning, Design & Operational Improvement

George Claydon

Consultant, City of Ottawa

Teresa Cline, RPP

Region of York

Sanjay Coelho

Senior Policy Analyst, Environmental Policy Branch of the Ontario Ministry of the Environment, Conservation and Parks

Brendan Coles

GIS Project Specialist, York Region

Sabrina Coletti, RPP, MCIP

Manager, Planning - Thornhill, WSP

Dr. Patricia Collins

Associate Professor, Queen's University

Ian Dance

Partner, Dillon Consulting Limited

Jenna Davidson

York University Master's of Environmental Studies and Planning

Karin Davis

Creativity & Innovation Specialist, Neoteric Minds

Janet Dawson

Health Promoter, Peterborough Public Health

Jennifer Dean

Assistant Professor, School of Planning, University of Waterloo

Jocelyn Deeks, RPP, MCIP

Principal, Bousfields Inc.

Carolyn DeLoyde, M.PL, RPP, MCIP

Instructor of Geography, Queen's University

David Deo

Partner, Common Bond Collective

Ryan Des Roches

Education Manager, Ontario Professional Planners Institute

Pino Di Mascio, RPP

Director of Planning, Sidewalk Labs

Victoria Dickenson

Adjunct Professor, McGill Library and Collections

Kristina Dokoska

Project Coordinator, Ontario Climate Consortium

Al Douglas

President, Climate Risk Institute

Mike Dror, RPP, MCIP

Associate, Bousfields Inc.

Dayna Edwards, RPP, MCIP

Senior Planner (Urban Design), City of Kitchener

Babak Eslahjou

Principal, CORE Architects Inc.

Steven Farber

Assistant Professor, University of Toronto

Karen Farbridge

Independent Consultant, Karen Farbridge Associates (KFA)

Paul Farish, RPP, MCIP

Senior Planner, Strategic Initiatives, City of Toronto

Ghazal Fazli

Post-Doctoral Fellow, Public Health Ontario

Glen Ferguson, RPP, MCIP

Senior Planner, Development Approvals Section, City of Greater Sudbury

Jason Ferrigan, RPP, MCIP

Director of Planning, City of Greater Sudbury

David Fleischer

Planner, WSP Canada

John Fleming

Managing Director of Planning and City Planner , City of London

Maria Flores, RPP, MCIP

Manager, Sustainability, Town of Richmond Hill

Diane Freeman

Council of the City of Waterloo

Junhao Fu

Urban Designer, Urban Strategies Inc.

Alexander Furneaux

Small Print Toronto

Charles Gardner

Medical Officer of Health, Simcoe Muskoka Health Unit

Marcia Garnes

Analyst, Caribbean Engagement Division at Global Affairs Canada

Justin Gee, RPP, MCIP

Vice President, First Nations Engineering Services Ltd.

Justine Giancola

Associate, Project Manager, Dillon Consulting Limited

Frank Giannone

President, Fram Buidlings Group

Robert Glover, RPP, MCIP

Partner, Bousfields

Alissa Golden, RPP, MCIP

Heritage Project Specialist, City of Hamilton

Renée Gomes, RPP, MCIP

Vice President, Development (First Gulf)

Andrew Goodyear, RPP, MCIP

Senior Development Director, Toronto Community Housing

David Gordon, RPP, MCIP

Professor, Queen's University

Mark Goss

General Manager, Operations with the Board of Governors of Exhibition Place

Ken Greenberg

Principal of Greenberg Consultants

Tyler Grinyer, RPP, MCIP

Partner, Bousfields Inc.

Aidan Grove-White

Manager, Municipal Services

Andrea Gummo, RPP

Acting Manager, Policy Planning, Planning, Building & Licensing Services, City of Kingston

Dave Guyadeen, RPP

Assistant Professor, University of Guelph

Nayel Halim

Ontario Climate Consortium, Toronto and Region Conservation Authority (TRCA)

Susan Hall

Vice President and Partner, LURA Consulting

Nicole N. Hanson

Environmental Planner

Marina Haufschild, RPP

Community Planner, Waterfront Secretariat, City Planning

Robert Heggie

Director of Grounds, MLSE

Sean Hertel, RPP, MCIP

Urban Planning Consultant

Claire Hicks

Manager for Future Ready™ , WSP

Jenny Hill

Research Scientist, TRCA

Beverley Hillier

Manager, Planning & Building Services, City of North Bay

Joyce Ho

Senior Development Manager, Toronto Community Housing

Simone Hodgson

Project Manager, Community Engagement M.U.P., Bousfields Inc.

Benjamin Hoff, RPP, MCIP

Partner, Urban Strategies Inc.

Doran Hoge

Climate Response Coordinator, Municipality of Clarington

Shannon Holness

Environmental Planner

Elizabeth Howson, RPP, MCIP

Principal, Macaulay Shiomi Howson Ltd.

Helen Huang, RPP, MCIP

Assistant Development Manager, Tridel

David Hunter

Senior Planner, City of Toronto

Hiba Hussain

Planner, County of Grey

David Huynh, RPP, MCIP

Partner, Huynh, RPP, MCIP

Zahra Jaffer

Planner, Dillon Consulting Limited

Dorsa Jalalian

Architectural Designer, Bousfields

Catherine Jay, RPP, MCIP

Head of Urban Design, SGL Planning and Design Inc.

Chris Jones, RPP, MCIP

Director of Planning and Regulation, Central Lake Ontario Conservation Authority

Dennis Kar, RPP, MCIP

Partner and Integrated Mobility Lead, Dillon Consulting Limited

Graeme Kennedy

Ryerson University

Seanna Kerr

Senior Planner, City of Toronto

Kristy Kilbourne, RPP, MCIP

Senior Planner, Policy and Special Studies, Planning and Economic Development Department, Regional Municipality of Durham

Lisa King

Senior Policy Planner, City of Toronto, City Planning Division

Andrew King

Senior Partner, Lemay

Melissa Kosterman, RPP, MCIP

Planner, Dillon Consulting Limited

Ellen Kowalchuk

Partner, Common Bond Collective

Sarah Krapez

Transportation Planner, WSP

Paul Kulig

Principal, Perkins+Will

David Kuperman, RPP

Manager, Transportation Planning

Stephanie Kwast, RPP, MCIP

Senior Associate, Bousfields Inc.

Stephanie Lacey-Avon

Intermediate Planner, County of Grey

Leena Lamontagne-Dupuis

Queens University - School of Urban and Regional Planning

Derek Lau, RPP, MCIP

Intermediate Planner, Research and Analysis, Region of Peel

Jordan Lee, RPP

Planner, City of Mississauga

Erik Lees, RPP, MCIP

Principal, LEES+Associate

Dominique Lefebvre, RPP, MCIP

Senior Planner, The United Counties of Prescott and Russell

Daniel Liadsky

Data and GIS Specialist, Canadian Urban Institute

Alice Liang

Principal, Montgomery Sisam Architects

Rohan Lilauwala

Program Manager, Green Infrastructure Foundation

Gregg Lintern, RPP, MCIP

Chief Planner, City of Toronto

Arthur Lo, RPP, MCIP

Transportation Planner, City of Toronto

Shannon Logan, RPP, MCIP

Senior Program Manager, Toronto and Region Conservation Authority (TRCA)

Dino Lombardi, RPP, MCIP

Senior Principal, Terratelligence Consulting Inc.

Lydia Ma

Manager of the National Collaborating Centre for Environmental Health (NCCEH)

Wareen Mabee

Professor and Head, Queen's University

Sonja Macdonald

Principal, Civicplan

David MacMillan

Program Manager, City of Toronto

Sabeen Makki, RPP, MCIP

Business Strategy and Marketing Advisor, York Region Rapid Transit Corporation

David Maloney

Planner 1 | Urbaniste 1, City of Ottawa

Chris Marshall, RPP, MCIP

Director of Development Services, City of Kawartha Lakes

Guy Matthew

City Planning, Community Planning, City of Toronto

Russell Matthew, RPP, MCIP

Partner, Planning, Hemson Consulting Ltd.

Paolo Mazza

GIS Specialist, Dillon Consulting Limited

Ian McVey

Senior Program Manager, Ontario Climate Consortium

Gary Miedema

Project Manager, City of Toronto

Justin Miron

Associate, Geospatial and Data Analytics Specialist, Urban Strategies

Stephanie Mirtitsch

Planner, MHBC Planning

Brent Moloughney

Medical Director for Health Promotion, Chronic Disease and Injury Prevention, Public Health Ontario

Patrick Morello

Principal. LANDinc

Natalia Moudrak

Director, Infrastructure Adaptation Program, Intact Centre on Climate Adaptation

Hayley Nabuurs

Master’s of Urban and Regional Planning Candidate (2020) at Queen’s University

Jackie Naiman

Senior Program Advisor, Ministry for Seniors and Accessibility

Claire Nelischer

Project Manager, Ryerson City Building Institute

Joe Nethery, RPP, MCIP

Manager of Community Planning, Halton Region

Amory Ngan

Project Manager, Tree Planting Strategy, City of Toronto

Nasim Norouzi

City Planning Division, City of Toronto

Britt O'Hagan, RPP, MCIP

Manager of Urban Regeneration, City of London

David O'Hara

Manager, Fort York National Historic Site, City of Toronto

Brandon Orr

Transportation Planner, Stantec

Matthew Ortved

Assistant Vice President, Development, RioCan

Laurie Payne

Vice President Development, Diamond Corp.

Scott Pennington

Manager - Strategic Planning, CreateTO

Carola Perez-Book

Senior Planner, City of Toronto

Abraham Plunkett-Latimer

School of Urban and Regional Planning, Ryerson University

Karyn Poad, RPP, MCIP

Senior Project Manager, Transportation, Halton Region

Anna Procopio

Associate Development Manager, Toronto Community Housing

Victoria Prouse, RPP

Project Lead, City of Toronto

Narmadha Rajakumar

Senior Planner, City of Toronto

Niranjan Rajevan

Master of Planning degree focused in Urban Development at Ryerson University

Andrew Ramsaroop

Ryerson University

Robert Rappolt

Planner, WSP

Allison Reid, RPP, MCIP

Senior Urban Designer, City of Toronto

Jennifer Renaud

Senior Planner, City of Toronto

David Riley, RPP, MCIP

Principal, SGL Planning & Design Inc.

Pamela Robinson, RPP, MCIP

Associate Professor, Ryerson University

Dr. Pamela Robinson, RPP, MCIP

Director, School of Urban and Regional Planning, Ryerson University

Clara Romero

Senior Urban Designer, Perkins + Will

Cyndi Rottenberg-Walker, RPP

Partner, Urban Strategies

Carol Ruddy, RPP, MCIP

Planner III, City of Ottawa

Loretta Ryan

Executive Director, Association of Local Public Agencies

Caroline Samuel, RPP, MCIP

Senior Planner, City of Toronto

Phil Santana

Manager of Sustainable Development, Mattamy Homes

Ryan Santiago

Application Technician, City Planning, City of Toronto

Mike Sawchuck, RPP, MCIP

Senior Planner, Town of Ajax

Dianne Saxe

President, Saxe Facts

Graham Seaman

Director Sustainabilty and Asset Management, Cit of Markham

Paul Shaker, RPP, MCIP

Principal, Civicplan

Bryan Sherwood

Manager Development Planning, Tridel

Matti Siemiatycki

Interim Director of the School of Cities at the University of Toronto

Elisabeth Silva Stewart, RPP, MCIP

Community Planner, City of Toronto

Diane Silver, RPP, MCIP

Senior Planner, Community Planning Division, City of Toronto

Vickey Simovic

School of Urban and Regional Planning

Melissa Slupik

Planner, City of Mississauga

Peter Smith, RPP, MCIP

Partner, Bousfields Inc.

Tim Smith, RPP, MCIP

Principal, Urban Strategies Inc.

Kim Stemshorn

Research Anaylst, Environment & Energy, City of Toronto

Nicole Storms

Environmental Services Officer, Mohawks of the Bay of Quinte

Michael Sullivan, RPP, MCIP

Owner & Operator, SullivanPLAN

Heather Swan, RPP, MCIP

Parther, Dillon Consulting Limited

Susan Tanabe, RPP, MCIP

Manager, Transportation Planning, City of Mississauga

Laura Taylor, RPP, MCIP

Professor; Consultant, York University; Laura Taylor Designs

Sasha Terry

Senior Urban Designer, City Planning Division, City of Toronto

Eldon Theodore, RPP

Partner & Urban Designer, MHBC Planning

Dean Therrien

Senior Program Advisor, Ministry of the Environment and Climate Change

Harrison Thomas

Design Technologist, City of Toronto

Suzanne Tillmann

Project Manager, Community Engagement, Bousfields Inc.

Jake Tobin Garrett

Manager of Policy and Planning, Park People

Lindsay Toth

School of Urban and Regional Planning, Ryerson University

Michel Trocme

Partner, Urban Strategies

Candice Troupe

Vice President of the Customer and Clients (C&C) pillar at the PRESTO division of Metrolinx

Eric Turcotte, RPP, MCIP

Partner, Urban Strategies Inc.

Mary-Frances Turner, RPP, MCIP

President, York Region Rapid Transit Corporation

Graig Uens, RPP, MCIP

Senior Planner, Community Planning, Toronto and East York

Terence Van Elslander

Principal, V+A Architects

Christian Ventresca, RPP, MCIP

Manager, Community Planning, City of Toronto

Siva Vimalachandran

Executive Director, York University

Rob Voigt, RPP

Director of Planning, Parkbridge Lifestyle Communities Inc.

Juliane von Westerholt, RPP, MCIP

Senior Planner, City of Kitchener

Archana Vyas, RPP, MCIP

Advisor, Housing Master Plan, Region of Peel

Shonda Wang

Principal, SvN Architects + Planners

Tracey Webster, RPP, MCIP

Senior Planner, Municipality of Clarington

Jane Welsh

Project Manager, City of Toronto

Taylor West

Community Planner, Halton Region

Michael Whelan

Head, Major Projects, CreateTO

Nzinga White

PSB Operations Manager

Karen Whitney, RPP, MCIP

Director, Community Planning and Development Services, York Region

Tomasz Wierzba

Planner, City of Barrie

Mark Winfield

Professor, York University

Stephen Wong

Construction Project Manager, York University

Eunice Wong

Urban Designer and Planer, Perkins+Will

Clarence Woodsma

Director, School of Planning, University of Waterloo

Adam Wright, RPP

Environmental Planner, Dillon Consulting

John Wright, RPP, MCIP

Senior Parctice Leader - Urban Design, WSP Canada

Anna Wynveen

Senior Planner, Bousfields Inc.

Dr. Zhixi Zhuang, RPP, MCIP

Associate Professor, School of Urban & Regional Planning, Ryerson University

Annely Zonena, RPP, MCIP

Senior Planner, City of Toronto

No Speakers Found