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toronto | october 1–3

Facing change and guiding Ontario into the next quarter century

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Karin Davis


Creativity & Innovation Specialist, Neoteric Minds

Karin is passionate about creativity, innovation and making a difference in this world. She believes by embracing and harnessing creativity, each of us can learn to innovate and provide value, whether to a few individuals, a whole community or the entire planet. After many years in the nonprofit sector, Karin started Neoteric Minds and works with people and organizations who are passionate about becoming more creative and driving innovation. She teaches them how to build their creative confidence by thinking and acting differently. She helps leaders make the case for creativity at work, and develop a mindset and culture of innovation in their organizations. She fosters and facilitates creativity and innovation in my local community and online around the world. Her vision is a world where individuals believe in their ability to be creative and innovative, where businesses and organizations embrace creativity and innovation and where people from all facets of life come together to make this world a better place. Karin also has a background in adult education and is a Certified Training & Development Practitioner.