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Justin Gee, RPP, MCIP


Vice President, First Nations Engineering Services Ltd.

Justin is the vice president of a native engineering firm.   First Nations Engineering Services Ltd. is a 100% native owned company with a majority its professional staff consisting of natives from across North America.

Justin is a member of the Six Nations of the Grand River.  He has his professional engineering designations in the provinces of British Columbia, Ontario and Manitoba.  He also has his professional planning designation and is a registered planner with the Canadian Institute of planners.  He graduated from Queen’s University in 1995 with a Bachelor of Applied Science degree.

Justin has over 21 years of experience completing planning studies and detailed designs for First Nations across Canada.  Over this time, he has completed numerous planning studies on Reserves.  In the last 5 years alone, Justin has overseen the design and construction of $100 Million worth infrastructure on Reserve that have been the direct result of planning studies he has authored.

Mr. Gee prides himself as being perhaps the only native in Canada with both his Professional Engineering and Planning Designations.  Justin and his fellow employees at First Nations Engineering Services Ltd. have the staff including, native professional engineers, native technicians and native planners to take any project from the conceptual planning stage to construction.