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2016 Annual Report

Member Proposed Motion

OPPI supports a fair process whereby members are given advance notice of motions of substantive matters so that they may have the opportunity to cast their vote in person or by proxy. Considered by Council as substantive, the following member proposed motion was received by the Registrar by the deadline of July 15, 2016. Motions concerning substantive issues that were not provided in writing by the above date will not be considered at the AGM.
Whereas the Canadian Institute of Planners (CIP) has supported planners across Canada and internationally for 97 years, since 1919;
And whereas the OPPI has been an important component of the CIP since it was founded in 1986;
And whereas CIP has reconstituted itself into a strong national membership-based organization with a governing Board that reflects the diversity of planning professionals across the country;
And whereas a majority of OPPI members have expressed their support for a renewed CIP by taking the initiative to join the national organization in 2016.
Now, therefore be it resolved that OPPI Council:
Re-affirm the importance of CIP as a strong national organization of planners with representation from across the country and from all areas of the profession; and
Explore avenues to support CIP membership and engagement in accordance with the Service Agreement process currently underway between CIP, OPPI and the other Provincial Territorial Institutes and Associations (PTIAs), including:
  • coordination of OPPI and CIP activities and conferences; and
  • the collection of CIP fees by OPPI; and

Collaborate with CIP and other PTIAs to celebrate the CIP centenary at the national conference in 2019 in the nation’s capital; and
Continue to acknowledge MCIP and FCIP in accordance with the CIP by-law.
Marni Cappe, FCIP, RPP
Beate Bowron, FCIP, RPP
David Gordon, FCIP, RPP
President's Message
Over the past year, OPPI has actively collaborated with CIP in a variety of functions and capacities to ensure the outcomes of a new framework designed to achieve excellence for planners in communities across the country. From the promotion and protection of the RPP brand and enhanced professional regulation — to the development of the CIP By-Law and a new governance and organizational structure — OPPI has supported and engaged CIP and informed our members every step of the way.
Right now, you may be asking: Why is this motion being put forward? What are the implications of this motion in the long-term? How can the consequences of the motion be best addressed? Perhaps even more fundamentally, what are the most important components of the new relationship between OPPI and CIP?
The reality is this motion is very consistent with the work OPPI has already been engaging in for the last year and longer. That said, our by-laws allow for the membership to introduce motions as they see fit and this motion has come forward in an effort to remind Council of member expectations with respect to ongoing relations with CIP.
With CIP's new by-law espousing a member-based organization and election of Regional Directors, OPPI and other Provincial Territorial Institutes and Associations (PTIAs) no longer have a voting seat on CIP's Board; this marks a new relationship between all PTIAs and CIP as eight independent organizations. OPPI was pleased to take part in the all-Presidents' meeting in July, to begin discussions on the purpose and format of continuing to work with each other for the betterment of planning nation-wide. These discussions opened the beginning of a dialogue that will continue to evolve in the years to come.
While navigating this continuous process of change, we look forward to working with CIP and other PTIAs to shape this new relationship for the future of the planning profession. We support a strong national voice for planning in Canada, and we will continue our commitment to protect and further the public interest by working together.
This motion reinforces what Council has already engaged on and provides members with the opportunity to continue their active participation by offering ongoing advice to Council on this matter. I believe Council and staff can continue our work and effectively address all that is outlined in this motion.
I hope that you will give it due consideration.
Andrea Bourrie, RPP
Ontario Professional Planners Institute

Download the Member Proposed Motion