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2018 Annual Report

25-Year Members

Thank you to our 25-year members who have worked as dedicated community builders, specifically educated, trained and ethically committed to guiding elected officials, decision makers, the general public and stakeholders in all sectors along the better-informed path to informing choices and inspiring communities in the public interest.

25 year full members posing at Conference

Name Membership Category
Dana L. Anderson, RPP Full
Benjamin R. Billings, RPP  Full
Kathleen Brislin, RPP Full
Astrid J. Clos, RPP Full
Joseph Guzzi, RPP Full
Charles Hostovsky, RPP Full
Harold R. Kersey Non-Practicing
Clifford Korman, RPP Full
Gregg J. Lintern, RPP Full
Harvey Low, RPP Full
Maurice D. Luchich, RPP Full
Syl Menic, RPP Full
Kris Menzies, RPP Full
Cherie A. Mills, RPP Full
Robert W. Nykyforchyn, RPP Full
Barbara L. O'Connor, RPP Full
David G. Parks, RPP Full
Christopher J. Pidgeon, RPP Full
Nicholas Popovich, RPP Full
Gregory A. Priamo, RPP Full
Cyndi Rottenberg-Walker, RPP Full
Alfonso Ruggero, RPP Full
Gary R. Sellars, RPP Full
Joseph M. Tomaino, RPP Full
Margaret A. Walton, RPP Full
Glenn J. Wellings, RPP Full
James Yanchula, RPP Full