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2018 Annual Report

An Opportunity to Refocus

In my first year as President of OPPI, I have had the opportunity to meet and chat with so many members, and learn about their commitment to our organization through their volunteer work. 

I have also had the great honour of leading and representing OPPI wherever I go across Ontario. I know first-hand, all of you, Ontario's Registered Professional Planners, are the experts our elected officials, stakeholders and the public look to, to help inform choices and inspire communities. 

We are halfway through our INSPIRE OPPI Strategic Plan 2020. We have accomplished much, but we have an opportunity to refocus and chart a new path forward. When I think about our opportunity to refocus, two workds come to mind - resiliency and persistence. In my mind, they are essential ingredients to success for OPPI.

Resiliency is that quality that allows people and organizations to recover quickly from any challenges, and move forward positively. And persistence because OPPI continues to take a course of action, led by our Strategic Plan, that engages members and seeks opportunities to provide a benefit to you from our work. 

Our Strategic Plan sets the stage for advancing our strategic agenda, and allows us to move forward with a renewed Public Affairs framework, an enhanced Learning Strategy, and the implementation of our communications strategy and stakeholder engagement framework. 

Let me go through a few key items that have guided the work we have completed in 2018:

  • OPPI is disappointed that the Registered Professional Planners Act did not pass before the provincial election in June. However, OPPI is resilient. We will regroup and focus on updating our by-law to ensure the continued regulation of the planning profession in the public interest.
  • OPPI is also involved in the first five-year review of professional planning standards. We want to ensure new and existing members are operating on level ground, and in an environment that allows them to grow professionally. 
  • As we continue to build the RPP brand and provide member value, you will see a new website and publication replacing the Ontario Planning Journal. These channels are being updated to refocus the conversation and promote the value of the work RPPs do, and continue to position members as the experts relied upon by so many in our local communities.
  • Our renewed Public Affairs framework plants flags and highlights the key issues threatening the planning profession and OPPI.
  • Our Districts have embarked on co-creation events so members continue to experience meaningful, lifelong learning to help with your own career development.
  • OPPI will continue to engage members, collect feedback, and have your ideas inform what we do as an organization. When we review what you tell us, we refocus our efforts to ensure your feedback is heard and allows you to continue to engage with your colleagues across Ontario. 

Everything OPPI does is not done by one person, or a small group of people. Everything we do cannot be done without the help of our staff and volunteers, including OPPI Council and District Leadership Teams, all of our OPPI Committees and Task Forces, volunteers at District events and writing policy submissions, and so many more!

While the theme of my message is refocusing, resiliency and persistence, there is one area that will never change - that is our focus on our members. 

Thank you for your hard work throughout the year, and for your support in the work OPPI does. 

Jason Ferrigan, RPP
President, Ontario Professional Planners Institute

Jason Ferrigan