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OPPI District Commemorative bench initiative

Please note: the photo of this bench is for illustrative purposes only (Photo credit: City of Toronto Parks, Forestry & Recreation)

As part of the 25th anniversary of the Registered Professional Planner (RPP) designation, OPPI is partnering with its seven Districts to place a commemorative bench marking this milestone in a park within each District. Districts are selected based on the location of the annual OPPI Conference, starting with the 2019 Conference in Toronto, and in years where the Conference returns to a District that has already placed a bench another District will be selected to participate.
There are some considerations that are factored into the selection of a location:
  • OPPI and each District will work with the local municipality on the placement of a commemorative bench and follow their procedures – this means some locations may not be eligible/approved by municipalities
  • Parks and spaces across a municipality should be considered, not just downtown neighbourhoods
  • The location should have foot traffic and good visibility
  • (Depending on availability) the bench could be placed in a park named after a planner
  • The bench could be placed in a prominent public space in the city, or near a project that is important to the planning of the local neighbourhood and municipality
  • The bench should not be placed in a privately-operated public space (like a condo or commercial building garden) as it should be accessible to all 
Stay tuned for updates and information when the bench for Toronto District has been selected and approved, but if you have any questions about this initiative please feel free to contact OPPI at