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Michael Stott


Director - Planning & Design, FOTENN Consultants Inc.

Michael is an accomplished urban designer and planner with 16+ years of experience gained from Canada, Central Asia, United Kingdom and across the Middle East where he has added value to a diverse range of project types. Michael specializes in working with and leading multi-disciplinary teams on complex sites to develop solutions that seamlessly integrate the public realm, landscape, architecture and infrastructure. He has strong visualization skills which he uses to create viable, compelling design solutions at a variety of scales.
He is passionate about creating great places, and prepares exemplar design quality and deliverable solutions for both private and public sector clients. Beyond his project portfolio which ranges from large scale master plans to small urban parks, Michael has also contributed to numerous publications, summer schools, urban design master classes and place-making seminars.  
Michael holds a Master of Urban and Regional Planning (Urban Design) from McGill University and a Bachelor of Urban Studies from Simon Fraser University. 
Michael lead's FOTENN's team of design professionals, including urban designers and architects, with opportunities for landscape architecture services.