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Conference 2015

Call for Presentations

Educate. Involve. Encourage. Activate.

**** The general call for proposals has now closed however students may still submit.  Thank you to everyone who submitted a proposal! ****

Students! You are encouraged to share your work

A Student Planning Knowledge Exchange within the conference will feature a variety of student work in various visual formats including:  Infographs, videos, podcasts, on-line communities, interactive mapping, blogs, communication tools or Poster presentations (4' high x 4' wide).  Presentations will remain open for viewing for the duration of the conference and highlighted on Student Day - October 8th. 
Your creative proposals for presentation approaches will be considered.  Speak with your professors about work that will be appropriate to share.  

Submit Student proposals by September 30 2015

Email your proposal to with the subject line:  Student Proposal. 
Be sure to include your:

  • Name
  • School
  • Phone #
  • A description of your proposed presentation
  • Any special requirements you may have (ie:  Poster board, monitor or other equipment).

Conference Themes

Four themes will be highlighted at the 2015 Conference, drawn from a survey of OPPI members. Click on the themes to learn about the specific topics sought, the learning objectives identified and the format options.




OPPI is offering a new service to 2015 Conference presenters. If your proposal is accepted, you will have the opportunity to work with an OPPI education specialist to develop and refine your session but you must submit your presentation to OPPI by September 30, 2015. This will help ensure the session is a success and the stated learning outcomes are achieved.

Great people, impactful presentations & dedicated professionals.

Presentation Formats

Interactive Training Session  45 or 90 minute session designed to teach specific skills or address specific planning related issues.  Should provide practical skill development for planners and can incorporate hands-on experience, audience interaction, lectures and take-away resources.
Round Table Discussion  45 minute session led by a skilled facilitator to discuss a particular topic or challenge and possible solutions. Outcomes are shared with participants.
Ignite or Lightning talk 10 or 15 minute session intended to spark ideas, innovation and conversation and provide bite-sized learning opportunities, usually based on a new initiative or challenge.
Multi-Media Sessions These presentations could take the form of Infographics, videos, podcasts, on-line communities, interactive mapping, blogs, other innovative communication tools or Poster presentations (4' high x 4' wide).  Presentations will remain open for viewing for the duration of the conference and presenters will be requested to explain and discuss their work during specified times in the program. Special consideration will be provided to proposals which include reusable digital content that could be added to OPPI’s expanding library of planner-related content, the Digital Learning Series.
Mobile Workshops  90minute to 1/2 day visits to local sites within the City of Toronto. Identify mode of travel to workshop—foot, bike, public transit or dedicated bus. Workshops requiring bus transportation will be offered at an additional cost to participants. Successful proponents will be responsible for planning, preparing and facilitating the workshop. While a mobile workshop may address more than one of the conference’s four themes, it should focus one theme.  Click here to view some of the committee suggestions for mobile workshops.

Other creative proposals for new presentation approaches will be considered.  

Review Process

All submissions will be peer reviewed based on the following criteria:

  • Relevance of proposal to selected theme and learning outcomes
  • Consistency of proposal with information and format requirements
  • Anticipated level of interest among participants—capacity to engage and challenge
  • Relevance and innovation regarding proposed format and technology.

Click here to view the Scoring Rubric
The Review Committee may consult the submitter to discuss alternative format options before reaching a decision. Once a decision is made, it is final and no comments will be offered to submitters. The main contact person listed on the proposal will be emailed the committee’s decision. Presentations that are intended to solicit business or sell services will be eliminated.

Email questions to