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Conference 2015


Message from the Conference Chair

On behalf of the Ontario Professional Planners Institute (OPPI), I wish to extend my thanks to all of those who attended the 2015 OPPI Conference for one, two, or all three days. Your attendance was instrumental in the event’s success, and it was a pleasure to serve as your Conference chair.
I would also like to take this opportunity to express OPPI’s sincere gratitude to the over 100 speakers and OPPI volunteers who have worked hard for more than a year to develop the high quality programming that we have come to expect at an OPPI Conference or Symposium. This educational material is invaluable to OPPI’s members in the ongoing development of their skills as professional planners working in the public interest.
In the near future, selected sessions from the Conference will become available through the Institute’s new Digital Learning platform, which is free to access as an OPPI Member.
OPPI looks forward to greeting you again next year for the 2016 Symposium in Hamilton, Ontario, entitled Healthy Communities and Planning for the Public Realm, being held on October 5th & 6th. The call for presentations for next year’s event will be out soon. Watch OPPI’s website and social media accounts for updates!
Audrey Bennett, MCIP, RPP
2015 OPPI Conference Chair

Thank you to our Planning Knowledge Exchange Committee for all of their work on the 2015 OPPI Conference!

Rosalind Minaji, MCIP, RPP
Rima Ammouri, MCIP, RPP
Brad Bradford, MCIP, RPP
Elizabeth Buckton, MCIP, RPP
Matthew Cory, MCIP, RPP
Beverley Hillier, MCIP, RPP
Douglas Stewart, MCIP, RPP
Cynthia Bird, MCIP, RPP
Justine Giancola, MCIP, RPP
Paul Lowes, MCIP, RPP
Laurie McPherson, MCIP, RPP
David Oikawa, MCIP, RPP
Goran Ciric, MCIP, RPP