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Facing change and guiding Ontario into the next quarter century

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Shawna Bowen, RPP, MCIP


Project Manager, Urban Design, City of Toronto

Shawna Bowen is a Project Manager with Urban Design Section of the City of Toronto City Planning Division. Prior to joining the City in 2010, Shawna worked in the private sector at a Toronto planning and urban design consultancy, leading a wide range of public and private sector projects throughout Ontario and across Canada, including urban design and land use planning studies, streetscape plans, urban design guidelines, campus plans and waterfront master plans. Included in this were several Avenue Studies and the Avenues and Mid-Rise Buildings Study.
While at the City of Toronto, Shawna has completed several guidelines and studies including the Privately Owned Publicly-Accessible Spaces (POPS) Design Guidelines, Dupont Street Regeneration Study, Ashbridge Precinct Urban Design Guidelines as well as organizing the 2015 Toronto Urban Design Awards. Recently, Shawna was with the Strategic Initiatives Unit in City Planning working on TOcore: Planning Downtown. Her primary responsibility on the team was been managing the "Building for Liveability" study and developing policy as part of the new Downtown Plan.