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virtual conference | Sep 23, Sep 30, Oct 7 & Oct 14

Finding a Place in
Evolving Communities

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Beyond 25 Banner

virtual conference
Sep 23, Sep 30, Oct 7 & Oct 14

Finding a Place
in Evolving Communities

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Midland: Enjoying life at every age


Midland’s median age is 50 — older than Ontario’s median age of 42. While the Town of Midland is planning for this older market, it recognizes that its communities will continue to be home for people of all ages and is responding to growth-related challenges, going from a slow-growth municipality to a primary settlement area in the provincial growth plan for the Greater Golden Horseshoe (May 2019).
In a town with nearly zero building permits issued for new residential development in recent years, one development, The Seasons on Little Lake by Hanson Development Group, represents over 40% of Midland’s new residential unit growth forecasted to occur in the next 10 years and is designed to meet the needs of Midland’s growing population. The town has granted draft plan of subdivision approval to The Seasons on Little Lake, which includes more than 100 hectares of land planned to accommodate its growing population in up to 1,600 ground-related and mid-rise apartments. With implementation in phases from now to over the next 10 years, this project will develop a planned residential community with access to natural features, recreation trails and parks, woodlots, a small mixed-use retail centre, and a membership club.
Other projects responding to growth in Midland include Midland Bay Landing, King Street Revitalization, and Midland’s active transportation initiatives.
In this session, Wes R. Crown, Director of Planning and Building Services at the Town of Midland, joins WSP planners to deliver a case-study session with following learning objectives:

  • What are best practices for spurring development in slower-growth municipalities?
  • How can planners work with developers to promote well-being for people of all ages?
  • How can housing be tailored to families from young to elderly?
Primary Presenter: Chad B. John-Baptiste, RPP, MCIP, WSP Canada Group Limited
Co-Presenter: Natalie Boodram, RPP, MCIP, WSP Canada Group Limited
Primary Presenter: Wesley R. Crown, RPP, MCIP, Town of Midland