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virtual conference | Sep 23, Sep 30, Oct 7 & Oct 14

Finding a Place in
Evolving Communities

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Beyond 25 Banner

virtual conference
Sep 23, Sep 30, Oct 7 & Oct 14

Finding a Place
in Evolving Communities

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Housing Session:

Demographics Session:

Additional OPPI20 Sessions:

About our Conference Themes

Day 2 - September 30

Please see our Day 2 program outline below. Members will be able to select programming from four streams. OPPI is finalizing OPPI20 programming, but visit this page regularly for updates to our Day 2 program. To register for OPPI20, please click here.

Day 2 Partner:

Housing Stream Sponsored by:
7:45 AM


9:00 AM


Take this time to check out the platform and see what is happening for the day! Update your profile, network with other attendees and visit the exhibitor/ partner profiles.
10:30 AM


This break is sponsored by: The Independent Electricity System Operator (IESO)
11:45 AM

Break - We’re #AlwaysON the GO!

Through the lenses of OPPI members we’re going to take you on a virtual tour of Ontario. Can you spot your district? Join us on this break for a stroll in a familiar community, or an adventure through a new one. You might just spot a community you had a hand in shaping!
1:00 PM

Break - Namaste Home

During this break we’re going to help you reduce stress, recharge, and refocus. #namaste with us and relieve tension from your upper body with some chair yoga. No mat required!
2:30 PM

Social Reception - MHBC Ultimate Bingo Invitational

Sponsored by: MHBC Planning
MHBC Ultimate Bingo Invitational
MHBC will be hosting virtual bingo where the numbers will be replaced with planning words!  We will be calling out the words out of a fish bowl, with the first to get 5 in a row wins a $20.00 Amazon gift card from MHBC.  Once that player wins, their game is over and we continue until the next winner gets 5 in a row, and we will continue on until the hour is up!  Multiple winners are possible!  In addition, during any pause of the game for reviewing potential winning cards, we will share some planning jokes for everyone’s enjoyment.
We would ask that all people wanting to participate to email to and we will email their unique game card on the Monday (28th) before the social.  Players can follow on their cards by digitally highlighting the words called on their game cards.