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virtual conference | Sep 23, Sep 30, Oct 7 & Oct 14

Finding a Place in
Evolving Communities

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Beyond 25 Banner

virtual conference
Sep 23, Sep 30, Oct 7 & Oct 14

Finding a Place
in Evolving Communities

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Housing Session:

Demographics Session:

Additional OPPI20 Sessions:

About our Conference Themes

Day 4 - October 14

Please see our Day 4 program outline below. Members will be able to select programming from four streams. OPPI is finalizing OPPI20 programming, but visit this page regularly for updates to our Day 4 program. To register for OPPI20, please click here.

Day 4 Partner:

Housing Stream Sponsored by:
7:45 AM


9:00 AM


Take this time to check out the platform and see what is happening for the day! Update your profile, network with other attendees and visit the exhibitor/ partner profiles.

During this break we’re going to help you reduce stress, recharge, and refocus. #namaste with us and relieve tension from your upper body with some chair yoga. No mat required!
10:30 AM


This break is sponsored by: Bousfields Inc.
11:45 AM

Break - We’re #AlwaysON the GO!

Through the lenses of OPPI members we’re going to take you on a virtual tour of Ontario. Can you spot your district? Join us on this break for a stroll in a familiar community, or an adventure through a new one. You might just spot a community you had a hand in shaping!
1:00 PM

OPPI Closing Remarks and Social Hour

Please join OPPI President Justine Giancola for closing remarks and social hour.
1:00PM - OPPI 20 Closing Remarks

Immediately following closing remarks: 

OPPI Social Hour: Happy Hour with Hemson - How to Make a Manhattan

It’s the last social event of the conference. In the spirit of urbanism, why not kick-back and learn how to make a Manhattan. You deserve it, and, yes, it will be after 5:00 p.m. in Cape Verde. Russell Mathew, Partner from Hemson will teach you how to make a Manhattan with the most stylish accoutrement. Please join us (even if you are just having a cuppa).  If you would like to make the cocktail, please bring the following:
Canadian whiskey
Red (Sweet) vermouth
Angostura bitters
Ice cubes
Luxardo Cherry (Maraschino will do)
Orange (for peel)
Rock glass
Cocktail shaker or mixing glass and strainer
Wooden match(es)
… a positive attitude!
Fun, interesting and possibly cocktail-related planning facts will also be poured during the social hour.