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toronto | october 1–3

Facing change and guiding Ontario into the next quarter century

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Patrick Morello


Principal. LANDinc

As Principal of the LANDinc Toronto head office, Patrick leads a team of landscape architects and urban designers on projects around the world. He is an expert in the conceptual and detailed design of landmark public places, urban environments and regional landscapes. Patrick combines his intuitive design expertise with an understanding of the synergies required to collaborate with and direct multi-disciplinary consultant teams. His focus on design quality and innovation is evident in his portfolio of successful and award-winning work.

Patrick has experience working on projects in diverse cultural and geographic environments. He brings this culturally rich worldly experience to Toronto - a City with great cultural diversity. In addition to his multi-cultural and multi-denominational experiences, and his leadership in design and management skills, Patrick conducts professional visioning workshops for communities and professionals locally and abroad.

Patrick was the project director at LANDinc who was the Lead consultant for the development of Trillium Park and william G. Davis Trail at Ontario Place.