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Symposium 2014

500: Sandbox Charrette

October 02, 2014

10:00am - 2:30pm

An entertaining charrette format workshop focused on access to nature/natural playgrounds and active transportation.  Adam Bienenstock and Robert Voigt will inform and inspire participants with a creative workshop similar to those that they conducted at the 2013 IFPRA World Congress in Banff. They will also be assisted by members of the OPPI Community Design Working Group. 

The session will begin with entertaining presentations about the benefits of integrating nature and active transportation into our towns and cities, featuring project examples, stories, animation and videos.  The hands-on component will include traditional charrette work but will be principally focused on a one-of-a-kind table top model building exercise using natural materials. Participants will be taken through an intense “real world” design exercise that brings their skills and workshop information together in a creative and enlightening format.  People will leave the session with new insights, tools, energy, and commitment to improving active transportation and access to nature in their communities.